Barre Fit is a hugely beneficial combination of strengthening exercises as well as stretching at a ballet “barre” in a slow and controlled manner. The barre is used in this class as a useful tool in assisting with training core muscles to support and balance the body rather than being fully relied on. From my personal experience, the concept of the barre as a tool for fitness has been misused by fitness professionals around the world and has therefore lost its benefit. The exercises in the class draw from my experience as a professional dancer, ballet teacher and dance fitness instructor. It is important to note that although the class draws a lot from ballet principles, there is no previous dance experience necessary and the class is accessible to all fitness levels, shapes and sizes.



DANCE SCULPT is a combination of strength training/toning exercises and cardiovascular training. This is a high intensity workout which is a very effective way to lose weight and sculpt your body like a dancer. This class is done barefeet or in socks.



This class is a combination of fun dance cardio as well as dance-inspired exercises to strengthen,tone and sculpt your entire body. This class is suitable for all levels – the perfect mid-week workout!



This class is for people who would like to improve core strength, posture, muscle tone, flexibility and balance. The class includes barre, centre practice, adage, pirouettes
and allegro; challenging mind and body for an invigorating dance



This class involves a sequence of exercises
aimed at strengthening, toning and lengthening your muscles.
We focus on using correct alignment, strengthening legs and
core; and increasing flexibility. All levels welcome.