We are now offering classes both online and in studio!



This class is an effective combination of Barre-based exercises, Pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training) inspired exercises. The aim of the class is to strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles while challenging core stability and getting the heart rate up with interval training. It is important to note that although the class draws a lot from ballet principles, there is no previous dance experience necessary and the class is accessible to all levels.



Pilates is a method of exercise which uses low-impact exercises to challenge muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. It is a full body workout which challenges core stability while doing so, building better posture, as well as a more balanced and healthy body. 



The Dance Fit class is a combination of fun dance cardio moves to strengthen, tone and sculpt your entire body. This intense cardio workout will also challenge your co-ordination by teaching you different steps and routines. It is loads of fun and full of laughs!



This class is for people who would like to lay a solid foundation of understanding the principles of this beautiful art form. In addition, one will improve core strength, posture, muscle tone, flexibility and balance while doing so. This class is also suitable for beginners or anyone who would like to get back into dancing after an extended break.



The stretch class is a wonderful opportunity to work on your body’s flexibility and range of motion. The class is generally divided into two sections – the first section involves warming up the body, joint mobility and dynamic stretching. The second section involves static and deep stretches which is followed by a time of mediation and relaxation to round off the session.