About Just Move:

Just Move is a dance and fitness studio located near Sunrise Circle Ndabeni (next to Pinelands), Cape Town. We strive to provide a warm and friendly environment in which to exercise. Our aim is to encourage health and fitness that is fun and enjoyable, therefore sustainable in the long-term. Our wide range of classes caters for everyone irrespective of age, shape, fitness level and experience. All are welcome!!

About Debbie Race (instructor):

Debbie is a dancer and dance teacher who is passionate about health and fitness. She began dancing at the age of 14 and soon after decided to pursue a career in dance. She graduated from UCT School of Dance with a Bmus(Dance) in 2013, majoring in the teaching of Classical Ballet (with distinction). During her studies she began teaching adults which quickly became her passion. Shortly after, she performed with Cape Town City Ballet in their production of Les Sylphides and The Firebird. She then moved on to teach full-time, teaching children of all ages as well as adults. After working for various ballet studios, she decided to start teaching her own adult classes in February 2014 which is now known as Just Move Dance & Fitness Studio. She runs classes throughout the week and also still performs occasionally as a freelance dancer. Although she has specialized in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance, she uses her broad dance knowledge to create classes that work the entire body in a safe and effective way, enabling people to achieve strength, flexibility and better posture.

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